NilScar SRS advanced anhydrous formulation forms an invisible layer over the scar and acts as a barrier to moisture from escaping from surface. This helps in keeping the life giving moisture to be retained on the top layer of the skin called Stratum Corneum. Stratum Corneum
Hydration of skin regulates excessive formation of collagen and also helps to improve skin softness.


Bacterial growth on the skin increase production of collagen which in turn increase the scar tissue thickness.

NilScar SRS forms a physical barrier over skin to hinder bacterial growth.



NilScar SRS is formulated with long chain polymers formed by linking large siloxane molecules.


These polymers are known to regulate the expression of growth factors simulating fibroplasts to produce collagen and also impeding excessive formation of scar tissue due to the process called collagenases. Fibroplast