✭ Clean and dry the scar area thoroughly.

✭ GENTLY masssage the application area for a minute using thumb of forefinger.

Scar tissue can be massaged clockwise, anti-clockwise, up and then down.

✭ Remove the cap from NilScar SRS device.


✭ Deliver a SINGLE drop over the forefinger by squeezing the top of the bottle GENTLY to express out a small drop of gel.

✭ Apply the product over the scar starting at one end using the forefinger.

✭ Spread to a THIN layer all along the length of the scar.

✭ Single drop of NilScar SRS can cover up to five to six centimeters (two to three inches) length.

✭ IMPORTANT: Avoid EXCESS application. Wipe out any excess product.

✭ If applied as a thin layer, NilScar SRS dries out within FIVE minutes.

✭ If needed or wanted, foundation/powder makeup can now be applied.

✭ IMPORTANT: Avoid accidental rubbing over the applied area via clothing or other items.

✭ NilScar SRS is formulated to be resistant to light water splashes.


✭ NilScar SRS package contains NilScar SRS DAWN & DUSK formulations provided in two airless bottles.

✭ DAWN formulation is suggested to be used atleast three times during morning and afternoon.

✭ DUSK formulation is suggested to be used atleast three times during evening and night.


✭ NilScar SRS is formulated to work gently with scar tissue over time.

✭ Fresh scars (a week to ten days old) generally take about 60 to 90days to achive cosmetic results.Old scars generally may take more time: 120days or more.

✭ It is essential to continue application of NilScar SRS regulary without skipping any days for pleasing cosmetic results.

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